Active Older Adults


The Y has many opportunities for active older adults to enrich their lives, and improve their health & well-being.

Social health is as important as physical health, and each can improve by involving yourself with any of our many programs. A variety of fitness classes are offered for all ages and abilities. From Low Impact Classes to High Intensity Interval Training. To see what might work for you please visit our Group Fitness page and view all of our class descriptions.

Low Impact Classes

Be Active: Promotes just that: being active!  This class engages your whole body using different exercise tools (e.g., balls, bands, and weights).  We move from chair to standing and all of the moves can be modified to fit your needs.  Classes incorporate basic cardio, strength training, balance/coordination exercises, and stretching for overall health and wellness.  All fitness levels welcome, but perfect for beginner/moderate.

Yoga & Balance: A chair assisted yoga class that focuses on balance and gentle movement. A soft way to incorporate healthy movement in your life.

Chair Yoga: A gentle practice in which postures are performed while seated or with the aid of a chair. Chair yoga classes are great for those with physical disabilities, older adults, or those completely new to yoga looking for a soothing practice.

Water Aerobics: A challenging low impact class to improve strength, balance, and endurance. Water Aerobics is a low impact aerobics group exercise class that takes place in the Rec Pool.

Dance Gold: A modified version of Cardio Dance Fusion. Incorporating repetitive dance moves to popular, fast-paced music for a fun, energetic, yet low-impact workout. The routines combine a variety of rhythms so you can move and groove your way to a healthier you.

Move with Ease: If you are in pain, feel stiff, or want to prevent the loss of mobility - practice somatic movements! Somatic movement is neuromuscular training at its best.  These gentle movements can unlock the mystery of muscular pain.  During our lives we are exposed to stress, surgeries, accidents and other traumas that cause our muscles to contract and remain contracted resulting in pain and discomfort.  Practicing somatic movements will improve every day functioning and release habituated tension.  Everyone can benefit from this class.  Let’s get somatic!

Renew Active

The Renew Active Program provides is available at no additional cost with many UnitedHealthcare® Medicare plans. It provides eligible members access to our Superior Douglas County Family YMCA at no cost! For more information visit

Insurance Benefits

Silver Sneakers, Renew Active, Silver and Fit, and NIHCA are accepted at the Superior YMCA. To recieve benefits contact your insurance company for access code. Please bring access code to the YMCA to sign up for insurance benefits.