The Superior Douglas County Family YMCA Board of Directors provides governance, policy, direction, and fund-raising support for the association. The visionary leadership of these volunteers is invaluable to the success of our organization. 

Board of Directors

Lesa Radtke, Chief Volunteer Officer
Jeff Manion, Incoming Chief Volunteer Officer
Jeff Cushman, Finance
Laurie Olson
Nate Cockerham

Steve Glonchak
Kathryn Guimond
Kara Proctor
Randy Barker

Marquise Slay
Amy Starzecki
Kim Pearson




Cindie Olson, Finance Director/Interim CEO colson@superiorymca.org
Nicole Olson, HR/Business Specialist nolson@superiorymca.org
Gloria Lundquist, Membership Coordinator glundquist@superiorymca.org
Roni Hauser, Member Services Lead rhauser@superiorymca.org
Kim Martin, Child Care Director kmartin@superiorymca.org
Jess Melander, Aquatic Director jmelander@superiorymca.org
Kennedy Davis, Aquatic Coordinator kdavis@superiorymca.org
Stefan Pagnucci, Head Swim Team Coach spagnucci@superiorymca.org
Jen Rosnau, Health & Wellness Director jrosnau@superiorymca.org
Kayla Anderson, Marketing & Community Outreach Coordinator kanderson@superiorymca.org
Jemal Broussard, Youth Sports Coordinator youthsports@superiorymca.org
Genevieve Teasley, Youth Activities Lead gteasley@superiorymca.org
Nathaniel Ballard, Camp Director campdirector@superiorymca.org