Group Fitness

The Superior Douglas County Family YMCA is pleased to be able to offer a variety of classes – all tailored to everyone’s unique abilities and strengths. All abilities, and levels are welcome to attend any of our classes. The moves in classes are able to be modified to fit individual needs. 

Try out our group fitness classes at Demo Night this Friday at 5:30pm


Updated 9.7.23


Cardio Burnout: Cardio Burnout is a fast-paced cardio class that will elevate your heart rate and get you moving.  Enjoy a mixture of things including kickboxing, interval training, and rep challenges.  No class is ever the same.

Cardio Dance Fusion: Cardio Dance Fusion incorporates repetitive dance moves to popular, fast-paced music for an enjoyable workout. The routines combine fast and slow rhythms that will benefit your physical health, along with your mental and emotional health.  We grab lighter weights for some songs and take time to focus on toning legs and arms!

Kickboxing/Drumming: This blacklight class incorporates two fun exercises: cardio-kickboxing and cardio-drumming!  Kickboxing is done to intervals and drumming gives you a full body workout with high-intensity exercises and rhythmic techniques.  Use a bench, mat, and set of glow-in-the-dark drumsticks to get an extreme calorie burn.  

Zumba: Zumba is a fitness program that involves Latin-inspired dances along with other styles.  This class is for all levels and the main purpose is to have fun while getting a great cardio workout!



Spin: A smaller, fast-paced group class. Participants will use stationary bikes to ride over hills, sprint in the flats, and do interval training while listening to high-energy music.

Spin Express: This class offers everything Spin does in a quicker, 45-minute class.  Perfect for a lunch break or midday pick-me-up!

Spin & Tone: A lower-impact cardio and endurance training class. This class is a spin class combined with added strength training to give you a full body workout. Spin & Tone incorporates spin cycles with interval-style strength training.


Flexibility, Balance, Core

Blackout Iron Yoga: A fast-paced, low impact, interval-style yoga strength class.  Use body weight and free weights to sculpt, tone and lengthen your body with strong minded yoga flows. Enjoy this high energy, high burn BLACK LIGHT class!

Core & More: Core & More is designed to challenge your core, legs & shoulders. Class participants will use free weights, kettle bells, bands, and/or body weight to strengthen and tone core (and more).

Full Body Mobility: Head to toe joint mobilization in combination with various yoga and Pilates conditioning exercises. Standing, seated, and floor exercises.  Easy to moderate difficulty with a relaxed atmosphere. 

Kali/Self Defense: Explore the art of Kali with the use of single and double sticks. Along with open hand patterns and other assorted self-defense techniques.  This class is laid back and mentally focused on training the mind and body to work as a cohesive unit.  As your discipline improves the techniques will become more challenging and we may even increase intensity. It all depends on you. The more you attend, and practice. The better you will become.  Refine your coordination, become reliable training partners, and build strong friendships. 


Lower Impact

Be Active: Promotes just that: being active!  This class engages your whole body using different exercise tools (e.g., balls, bands, and weights).  We move from chair to standing and all of the moves can be modified to fit your needs.  Classes incorporate basic cardio, strength training, balance/coordination exercises, and stretching for overall health and wellness.  All fitness levels welcome, but perfect for beginner/moderate.

Cardio & Strength Water Aerobics: A challenging low impact class to improve strength, balance, and endurance. This class incorporates pool noodles, water bells, and splash boards and takes place in the Rec Pool.

Chair Yoga: A gentle practice in which postures are performed while seated or with the aid of a chair. Chair yoga classes are great for those with physical disabilities, older adults, or those completely new to yoga looking for a soothing practice.

Dance Gold: A modified version of Cardio Dance Fusion (without the weights). Incorporating repetitive dance moves to popular, fast-paced music for a fun, energetic, yet low-impact workout. The routines combine a variety of rhythms so you can move and groove your way to a healthier you.  Playlists typically include hits from the 50s, 60s, and 70s!

Move with Ease: If you are in pain, feel stiff, or want to prevent the loss of mobility - practice somatic movements! Somatic movement is neuromuscular training at its best.  These gentle movements can unlock the mystery of muscular pain.  During our lives we are exposed to stress, surgeries, accidents and other traumas that cause our muscles to contract and remain contracted resulting in pain and discomfort.  Practicing somatic movements will improve every day functioning and release habituated tension.  Everyone can benefit from this class.  Let’s get somatic!

Water Aerobics: A challenging low impact class to improve strength, balance, and endurance. Water Aerobics is a low impact aerobics group exercise class that takes place in the Rec Pool.



Body Sculpt: This class uses a variety of exercises to sculpt your muscles and tone your entire body. This Tabata-style class walks you through various intervals that will challenge different muscle groups through smaller movements.  Think: pilates + barre + strength training mixed into one varied class. With the use of a mat, free weights, bands, blocks, balls, and/or your own body, you will burn calories and achieve total-body toning. 

Boot Camp: Boot Camp delivers an endurance-based workout to help you feel invigorated with a series of exciting and challenging exercises, drills, circuits, rep challenges, intervals and more. This class is a great option for runners, triathletes, or anyone looking for an empowering workout.

Fit Rebellion Express: Fit Rebellion Express is a cardio, strength, and core class. Get ready for intervals, rep challenges, and much more with this engaging full body workout! Participants use free weights and step boards to challenge coordination and balance in this half-hour class.

HIIT: “High Intensity Interval Training” is a challenging interval workout! HIIT uses weighted balls, hand weights and step boards among other equipment to challenge your body and keep you guessing throughout the entire class. You will never get bored with this entertaining fast-paced cardio strength class.

Muscle Pump: Entertaining and challenging Muscle Pump builds strength and works major muscle groups. Participants will have the option to use weighted plates/bars, dumbbells, bands, body weight, and/or stability balls while being motivated and guided by one of our excellent instructors.

RIP: RIP is a full body endurance strength training class that attacks every muscle group. Use bars and/or free weights to work muscles to fatigue.  RIP is a pre-choreographed class with amazing music to keep you energized and moving! 

TRX: TRX is a body-weight based series of over 300 different core-focused movements designed to strengthen your body, enhance your mobility, develop your flexibility, and help you live better and stronger! It is all core, all the time. All who are interested are welcome to join!


Mind & Body

Mind Over Mat: A gentle yoga flow that incorporates standing and seated poses to fully stretch and lengthen the body. Become more mindful with each flow while encouraging positive thinking to start your morning out right.

Gentle Yoga: This class is essentially what it sounds like - a gentler style of hatha yoga practice.  Participants start seated and perform basic yoga poses that are held for longer periods of time.  This class is performed at a slower pace, with less intense positions, and has a greater emphasis on stretching.   

Restorative Yoga: A style of yoga designed to relax, restore, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Restorative yoga falls under the umbrella if Hatha yoga which is intended to stretch and strengthen the physical body.