Financial Assistance for Membership & Programs


Through the generosity of many individuals, Y staff, Y board members, businesses, United Way, and the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation donating to our Annual Support Campaign, the YMCA is able to offer financial assistance for memberships and programs.

If you are interested in receiving financial assistance for membership or programs, please fill out the application for financial assistance through our online portal. This is the first step in the financial assistance program. If you are interested look at the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidlines and estimate what level of financial assistance you may qualify for. For a paper application click here!

If applying through the online portal you will be asked to upload proof of income. We cannot approve your application if proof of income is not provided. To ensure your application reaches us please ensure to include no symbols in income boxes, and use calendar icon for birthdates. To qualify, please ensure you have the following documents prior to beginning your application.

  • Federal Tax Form 1040

If from 1040 is not available provide all three of the following documents:

  • One month of Paychecks or Pay stubs
  • W-2
  • Social Security Benefit Statement




For further instructions for how to apply via our online portal please click here! 

If you are unable to provide any of the above, please provide a written statement explaining your situation and any income you may be earning. 

If approved, you will receive an approval letter via email from the YMCA. Financial assistance memberships and programs are valid for 12 months. The month prior to your expiration date for membership, you will receive a renewal notice by email. You may reapply using the same process prior to your expiration date.


Any questions about the financial assistance program for membership or programs please call the Y at 715-392-5611 ext. 102 or e-mail Brian at